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The CSRS is small and provides really great opportunities for networking, introduction to a wide variety of topics around resuscitation and pre-hospital/in-hospital quality of care, as well as to some fundamental realities of the research environment. I would recommend this collaborative program to anyone who is considering a career in medical science/health care research.

– Katherine Allan, PhD

My experience with the CSRS program was excellent. The speakers and mentors in the program pointed out new directions for research and thoroughly inspired me. Importantly, experienced researchers in the field took an active interest in my projects, helping me getting my work published and improving my ability to disseminate my results.

– Andrew Beckett, MD, MSc

I completed the CSRS program and found it to be really rewarding. Both the Foundations course and the Advanced Topics in Resuscitation Science Research course for PhD level students were stimulating. The small class sizes and networking opportunities, the group discussions and the fantastic feedback on work in progress from really senior faculty are of real benefit to anyone pursuing a career in research or academia.

– Justin Boutilier, PhD

The CSRS is an excellent way to learn about ongoing research initiatives in resuscitation science, and is an even better way to network with other students and scientists within this field of research. I met scientists who have research interests that align with my own, and who I now collaborate with and seek advice from for my own research projects. The students also come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, which makes for an interesting dynamic during discussions, as you get perspectives on issues from multiple angles.

– Amit Chopra, MD, MSc

The CSRS is a great way to engage with graduate students and faculty from numerous disciplines. It is provides a wonderful introduction to the resuscitation research environment and the array of possibilities that the field offers for scientific discovery and improving patient outcomes.

– Kyle Danielson, NP, MN

I completed the CSRS and found it to be fundamental to my growth as a researcher. It spawned a fantastic collaboration between me and my current mentor/supervisor, provided good opportunities for developing my research presentation and writing skills and introduced me to a great group of peers with similar passion for science.

– Matthew Douma, RN, MN

The CSRS is a very well organized and diverse educational opportunity. The program places a strong emphasis on research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and leadership in critical care. Experts in the fields of emergency medicine, neurosurgery, paediatrics, nursing, biomedical engineering and clinical research (e.g. clinical trials in EMS and cardiac arrest) facilitate weekly sessions or seminars throughout the year.

– Shawna Kelly, RN, MN

Small interactive classes are very difficult to find – but to also find one that stimulates critical thinking on hot topics in health care is even more difficult. CSRS courses embody the idea of allowing students to read interesting articles while engaging in thoughtful discussions with professionals across the entire spectrum of healthcare: from clinicians to nurses to paramedics. This was an unexpected bonus to the wonderful program.

– Alice Luo, PhD

I found the CSRS program very enlightening – exposure to new ideas and minds in the healthcare industry was very inspiring and prompted me to think about my own practice in new ways. Thank you for the opportunity!

– Brittany McBride, RN, MN

This program was an excellent addition to my graduate education. Coming from a translational research background, it was interesting for me to hear from a variety of lecturers on how they are using their basic and clinical data to truly change practice in the healthcare system.

– Alexandra Panicucci, MHSc

The experience gained in the CSRS program is inimitable. We have the opportunity to learn from great researchers, while developing our own research goals. The program faculty are amazing and always put the students first. I highly recommend this program for individuals looking to strengthen their resuscitation knowledge and make an impact in health care.

– Emina Topcagic, RN, MN

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