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The Canadian Collaborative Training Platform in Resuscitation Sciences (CCTPRS) at the University of Toronto and the Institute of Medical Science provides educational and mentorship opportunities for graduate students interested in learning about advances in the systems of care for patients requiring immediate, life-saving treatment in both a pre-hospital and in-hospital setting.

Resuscitation science in medicine includes areas such as emergency medicine, critical care, anesthesiology, neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, and respirology, among others. Research in resuscitation can also be found in allied health professions such as nursing, pharmacy, and paramedicine, as well as in other disciplines such as public health, engineering, and the basic sciences. Through a variety of research methodologies such as (but not limited to) molecular medicine, simulations, qualitative interviews, and clinical trials, advances in knowledge can be translated to the clinical setting, ultimately achieving better care for patients.

Classes are led by world-class faculty members who are actively involved in research across many different departments and institutes, representing a diverse set of perspectives; occasional sessions may be led by researchers at other institutions who are leaders in their fields of study. CCTPRS is also a lead training program for the Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (CanROC), a pan-Canadian initiative to build research capacity and best practices in resuscitation.

This program is ideal for current or prospective graduate students interested in any of the following:

  • Research related to pre-hospital or in-hospital emergency, trauma and critical care
  • Nursing and medical care for acute, life-threatening conditions such as cardiac arrest
  • Application of engineering methods (e.g., biomedical, mechanical, systems) to improve healthcare delivery
  • Qualitative research and knowledge translation to improve patient care and outcomes
  • Bsic science research related to resuscitation, trauma, and critical care
  • Rehabilitation science for survivors of trauma and cardiac arrest

Participating Degree Programs

Students enrolled in CCTPRS are typically enrolled in or accepted to one of the degree programs listed below; however, we accept students from outside these programs on a case-by-case basis.

University of Toronto
  • Biomedical Engineering: MASc, MHSc, PhD
  • Health Policy, Management and Evaluation: MSc, PhD
  • Immunology: MSc, PhD
  • Laboratory Medicine and Pathology: MSc, PhD
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering: MASc, MEng, PhD
  • Medical Science: MSc, PhD
  • Nursing: MN, PhD
  • Pharmacology: MSc, PhD
  • Physiology: MSc, PhD
  • Public Health Sciences: MPH, MSc, MScCH, PhD
  • Rehabilitation Science: MSc, PhD

About Us

The Collaborative Specialization in Resuscitation Science at the University of Toronto is a multidisciplinary program aimed at training the next generation of resuscitation researchers.

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